VerenA for distributors & packers/fillers

Become a VerenA customer – protect our environment together

VerenA customers – packers/fillers or distributors – actively commit to sustainability, circular economy and climate neutrality by joining the VerenA take-back system. Through cooperation with an independent trustee, our take-back system also offers you as a VerenA customer assistance with fulfilling your obligation to provide evidence of packaging recovery in accordance with article 15 of the German Packaging Act (VerpackG). As a filler and/or distributor, you can use the VerenA-SYSTEM to take back and recycle your Big Bags in order to comply with this obligation.

It’s both easy and beneficial for you to participate in the VerenA-SYSTEM as a packer/filler/distributor: After you sign a VerenA agreement with us and register on the VerenA-Meldeportal , you will be able to place the VerenA trademark on your Big Bags. The fee you pay will then depend on the type and weight of the Big Bags and transport and secondary packaging that you have in circulation in Germany. This licence fee covers all costs for the recovery and recycling of your Big Bags and transport packaging in compliance with relevant laws. A trustee will monitor the registration portal, the quantities that are registered there and the subsequent invoicing process, whereby the trustee will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Participating in the VerenA-SYSTEM is easy:

  • At the beginning of the contractual relationship, you will use the VerenA customer portal to provide the trustee with information on the estimated quantity of Big Bags and transport and secondary packaging that you plan to distribute in the agricultural sector in Germany.
  • After the end of the calendar year, you will again use the VerenA customer portal to report to the trustee the actual amount of Big Bags as well as transport and secondary packaging you distributed. To do this, you will submit a (certified) final notification (deadline is the end of March of the following year).
  • This data is subsequently used to prepare the documentation and verification required under article 15 of the German Packaging Act (VerpackG).

As a packer/filler or distributor of Big Bags, you can choose to participate in the VerenA-SYSTEM and help us ensure we all act in a responsible and sustainable manner!

Just contact us to find out everything you need to know about licensing as a VerenA customer.

We look forward to hearing from you!