Terms of return at your VerenA collection point

All the important information for the smooth drop-off of your Big Bags and transport and secondary packaging

To ensure that your Big Bags and transport and secondary packaging can be taken back by the collection points and then safely and sustainably recovered and recycled, we request that you consider a number of requirements before you drop your packaging off.

The VerenA sign

The VerenA trademark indicates to you as a commercial consumer / waste producer that you can drop off your empty Big Bags from the agricultural sector at one of the VerenA collection points throughout Germany for free and in a completely easy and environmentally friendly manner. To ensure this, the packers/fillers and distributors participating in the system mark their FIBCs (Big Bags) with the VerenA trademark.

Which types of packaging can be returned?

Empty Big Bags for non-hazardous filling materials from the agricultural sector which are marked with the VerenA trademark can be dropped off at the VerenA-SYSTEM’s collection points. The VerenA-licensed Big Bags must be returned empty of residue, trickle-free, clean on the outside and bearing a legible product label. The Big Bags must either be rolled up and tied together or packed in a single outer Big Bag for collection. The transport and secondary packaging arising in connection with the drop-off can also be handed in. This packaging generally does not have a VerenA marking or label. Trained staff at the collection points will inspect all deliveries in order to ensure they comply with the terms of acceptance.

The following licensed Big Bags and packaging bearing the VerenA trademark are taken back:

  • Empty Big Bags (FIBC) for the following products:
    • Seeds
    • Feed
    • Fertiliser
    • Other
  • Stretch and shrink films
  • Cardboard
  • Wooden one-way pallets
  • Packaging aids

This is how the takeback and recovery of the Big Bags at the collection point works

As the system operator, RIGK does everything it can to ensure that taking back your Big Bags at the VerenA collection point is as quick and straightforward as possible for you. Once you have registered the quantity you want to drop off on site, it will be inspected and logged by trained staff. If all of the above terms of acceptance are met, you can dispose of the Big Bags and packaging in the appropriate containers. We manage the organisation of further transport, compacting and, depending on the quality, final disposal and material recycling.

Find VerenA collection points

Find the VerenA collection point nearest to you nationwide with all the dates. Simply drop off your empty Big Bags bearing the VerenA trademark together with the transport and secondary packaging that you have also registered free of charge!

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