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VerenA-SYSTEM: Packaging Recovery for Agriculture (VerpackungsEntsorgung Agrar) near you

VerenA is the take-back system for the return and recycling of Big Bags used for non-hazardous substances from the agricultural sector. The VerenA-SYSTEM enables final consumers / waste producers from the agricultural sector to conveniently drop off their emptied and VerenA-licensed Big Bags. Together with the associated transport/secondary packaging they can be handed in at up to 400 planned VerenA collection points free of charge on specific dates.

Our goal: To protect the environment and climate and give as much packaging as possible a second life through the legally compliant recovery and successful recycling of Big Bags.

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Packers/fillers and distributors from the agricultural sector who are VerenA licensees enable their customers throughout Germany to drop off Big Bags safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. VerenA customers, together with final consumers and collection partners, are helping to protect our environment by actively supporting the recovery and recycling of Big Bags from the agricultural sector! Through cooperation with an independent trustee, our take-back system also offers you as a VerenA customer assistance with fulfilling your obligation to provide evidence of packaging recovery in accordance with article 15 of the German Packaging Act (VerpackG). As a filler and/or distributor, you can use the VerenA-SYSTEM to take back and recycle your Big Bags in order to comply with this obligation.

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